I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Gajwani and to suggest persons dealing with treatment resistant depression consider Ketamine or Spravato. I have been dealing with depression since my early 20’s .  This past year again nothing was helping and I was becoming more depressed, despondent and desperate for help.  My current psychiatrist suggested I consider Ketamine

I am excited to share my story with you because I believe that Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a miracle therapy. Simply put, it saves lives. TMS helped save my life along with my therapist, and my Board-Certified psychiatrist, Dr. Prashant Gajwani, MD. I want to help spread the word that people with depression don’t

I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 2001 at the age of 21. I am now 35 years old. I have seen many different doctors and have been on numerous medications over the past 14 years. I have struggled with both manic and depressive episodes until five years ago when I became a patient of

My son has been experiencing bipolar mania with a few depressive episodes for about 15 years. My husband and I could never understand what was happening to our son. We took him to see numerous doctors and visited with numerous hospitals to try and help our son. James would seem okay for months at a

Mother of John

Dr. Gajwani is not only an excellent psychiatrist, but he is also a wonderful human being. He brings a holistic approach to treatment –which is not only comprised of medicine and therapy, but also humanity and compassion. He truly cares about his

We met Dr. Gajwani during a very painful time for our family. We had a family member who was very sick, her condition was declining year after year, and things seemed quite hopeless. Having Dr. Gajwani on our side has given us reason to hope

I have been a patient of Dr Gajwani for 5 years now. He is a great Dr. with a wonderful bedside manner. He has always been there for me to address any issues I’ve had come up over the years. I highly recommend Dr Gajwani to anyone looking for a highly skilled yet very caring

My wife is a patient of Dr. Gajwani for many years now. He is always immediately available to us when we need

As a bipolar patient, I feel confident when I see Dr. Gajwani during my ups and downs; he has been given me not only hope but also energy to overcome these difficult times since many

Doctors like you make such a difference, thank you so much for the wonderful care you

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